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Dental Implants
Clínica IDEA – Your Dental Implant Specialists

Clínica IDEA offers four different types of Dental Implants:

Conventional Dental Implants - MORE INFO

Mini Implant - MORE INFO

Implant for Orthodontics - MORE INFO

Tarifas para implante dental Beneficios de los implantes dentales

If you have a damaged tooth or have lost one or several teeth, the best solution is a dental implant

These titanium devices called dental implants serve to replace one or more missing or damaged teeth. They are placed on bones of the maxilla or the jaw and imitate the roots of teeth that will be replacing.

Titanium is 100% accepted by the human body, which indicates that 98% of persons are eligible to receive a dental implant. The other 2% of persons, in general, have always another option to place the implant without problems.

In order for you to smile, speak, and chew again without difficulties, Clínica IDEA offers four types of dental implants at a very low price, so you can leave the clinic with a smile on your face

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