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Conventional Dental Implants
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Conventional dental implants are particularly used when the patient does not meet the necessary requirements for an immediate load dental implant.

Implant and Crown

The used technique for conventional dental implants consist of two stages:

    1 - A surgery is made in order to open the flap on the gum, which is the place where the dental implant shall be inserted; once inserted, the flap is closed by using one or two stitches for the proper healing-up of the wound.

    It is necessary to wait for the bone integration of the dental implant for two or three months. This can be seen in a common radiography, which shall show that the color and consistency of the surrounding bone to the dental implant is similar to the other part of the maxilla.

    2 - Once the compliance of this process has been checked, the second stage shall begin consisting of reopening the gum, but only as necessary to make the connection between the dental implant and the prosthetic piece. The latter shall support the crown.

Implante dental de carga inmediata Implante dental de carga diferida Implante dental de titanio

In 90% of cases from patients, the immediate load is possible for dental implants; however, in case the patient does not have the sufficient amount of bone in the area where the dental implant shall be placed, a deferred load is preferred.

The idea is that, if the bone is still not ready for such a load, it shall grow for two or three months in order to allow the bone integration process (the integration of the dental implant into the bone), so that the conventional dental implant is further received.

Other causes provoking the patient to receive a conventional dental implant are if the patient grinds his/her teeth or if he/she bites his/her nails. Also, the specialist shall determine which patient shall not follow the specified recommendations for the immediate load implant type (such as eating a bland diet during the first weeks or having a daily oral hygiene), and shall recommend the conventional dental implant.

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